• Fostering Hope Psychology uses a range of evidence-based therapies that are useful and relevant to the lives of young people and families to help them build confidence and make positive changes in their lives.

  • We offer Child Counselling that Sparks Imagination, Addresses Problems and Creates Opportunities for Growth and Learning

  • We provide Counselling for Teenagers Who are Caught up in Drama, Stressed Out, Feeling Down, or Just Not Getting the Most Out of Life

  • We offer Down to Earth, Engaging and Effective Psychology Services for Young Adults

  • We provide Inclusive and Supportive Therapy for Families Experiencing Conflict, Hardship and Struggles

Welcome to Fostering Hope Psychology. We are friendly Sydney based family and child psychologists helping you to create stories of hope out of stories of hardship.


fostering hope psychology sydney psychologist for young people

You're no longer a kid, but not quite an adult. Life is meant to be awesome, but something's not quite right. You are looking for a youth friendly psychologist in Sydney,  someone who gets where you're coming from and can help you make the changes you want to make.  If this sounds like you,

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fostering hope Sydney psychologist for adults

For whatever reason, your life has been thrown off course. You feel stressed out, caught up drama, or just lacking motivation and direction. You know things aren’t quite right, but you’re not sure how to get back on track. You want a Sydney based psychologist who can support you to tell your story, to encourage you to discover new possibilities and to help you create new pathways in life. If this sounds like you,

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fostering hope Sydney family psychologist

You want to do the best thing by your child or teen, but you're not quite sure where to turn. You are looking for a family psychologist who works with children, someone who can support your child, yourself and your family to turn things around in a positive way.
If this sounds like you,

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