Focus is a gift and a traitor. Make friends with focus and infinite possibilities open up to you: Mastering a new skill, improving a relationship, rising up out of negative headspace, moving on from fear. Become the victim of focus and the walls close in pretty quickly; instead of you directing your world, your world directs you. 


I bumped into a friend of mine the other day who had a big gash out of shin after colliding with a tree on his push bike. He was telling me how he caught a glimpse of the tree out of the corner of his eye and the rest is history. Look at the tree, hit the tree.

Once your attention has it's sight set on a destination, everything else follows. 

- When your focus is on point, your life becomes intentional.
- Scattered focus puts you into overwhelm and self defeat.
- Focusing on the negative brings you down.

Where is your focus? What are you listening out for in your relationships? What thoughts are you indulging? What beliefs are you deciding to live by? Are you choosing your focus, or is your focus choosing you?

A cheat sheet on focus:
- Realise you have a choice. You don't get a say about what shows up in your life, but you do get to choose whether or not you attend to it. 
- Set your course. Forget about what's right, but instead focus on what matters. Get your priorities in your sights and hold your attention there. 
- Notice when your focus drifts, adjust, correct and carry on. 

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